Public Inquiry: Regulatory & Enforcement Bodies

Office of the Traffic Commissioner

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner is the regulatory body part of the Operator Licensing Regime in the United Kingdom & is what as known as an NDPB (Non-Departmental Public Body) which has been established by Parliament. But it is not an government body; it is however sponsor by the Department of Transport, basically that means Dft have to be order of Parliament provide finance for its running.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner is accountable more to Parliament, than the current executive. Due to this it can be seen as being self-determining & a high degree of independence. It has jurisdiction in an areas of law relating to road transport regulation & is co-ordinated by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service. It is responsible for licensing & regulating those parties granted an Operators Licence for heavy goods vehicles & buses/coaches. Along with the registration of local bus services.

It is split into several traffic areas, of which there are eight in total., North East, North West, Eastern, West Midlands, South Eastern, Western & Scotland, Wales, and the & Northern Ireland. (Northern Ireland is considered separate due to how governing bodies are set up concerning the Good Friday agreement).

In each traffic, the area has an appointed Traffic Commissioner, plus some deputy Traffic Commissioners. Who has a legal duty to regulate all goods vehicle operators, passenger-carrying vehicles & the registration of local bus services.

There is also a Senior Traffic Commissioner who oversees the whole of the United Kingdom.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner solely has the power to grant an Operator Licence. Along with the ability to request the attendance of an Operator Licence holder, Transport Manager, Drivers at a Public Inquiry & impose disciplinary action(s) on those parties as mentioned, for alleged misconduct.

As a simple rule of thumb, in describing the Office of the Traffic Commissioner & its role within the Operator Licensing Regime. It would be that the Office of the Traffic Commissioner can be seen as a Judicatory like body.

With the Traffic Commissioner(s) performing Judge functions. By the use of a public inquiry on matters obtaining to Road Transport Regulatory Compliance

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

An executive agency is a part of a government department that is treated as managerially and budgetarily separate, to carry out some part of the executive functions of the United Kingdom government

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency/DVSA is UK wide (apart from Northern Ireland, where the Transport Regulation Unit performs the role & functions of DVSA).

The agency provides a range of licensing, vehicle testing, and enforcement services. From vehicles’ roadworthiness standards, ensure operators & drivers’ compliance with road traffic legislation and support the Office of the Traffic Commissioner’s independence.

As before, a simple rule of thumb for DVSA (The Transport Regulation Unit in Northern Ireland). It can be seen as performing a Policing/Enforcement role in connection with the Road Transport, Operator Licensing Regulations.

Plus, bring cases that they believe require regulatory action(s) to the Office of the Traffic Commissioners attention.

Public Inquiry: Regulatory & Enforcement Bodies Summary

Those who attend a Public Inquiry will first have interacted with either the Office of the Traffic Commissioner or Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency/DVSA. Before having to attend a Public Inquiry. Both of these bodies make up the overall Operator Licensing Regime. Therefore, understanding their primary role within that regime helps those such as a Certificate of Professional Holder acting as the nominated Transport Manager on a Standard Operators Licence. Or a Standard Operators’ Licence Holder, with being compliant to the Operator Licensing Regime.   

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